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Welcome to Training Masters India( highlight) your go to Corporate Training services company which blends professionalism with excellence. With decades of Industrial experience ,we excel in providing world class Training methods based on Training needs. Trust us to unlock your Team’s full potential and lead your organization towards it’s Goals.

Headquartered in Bangalore, TRAINING MASTERS INDIA is the brainchild of Mr. Victor, a seasoned professional with two decades of unmatched experience in corporate training. Our objective is to empower individuals across the entire business spectrum. To achieve this, We have world class trainers renowned for their highly effective dissemination methods.With Fortune 500 clients ranging from (INFOSYS, IBM, ABBOTT, MICROSOFT, Dr. Reddys, and more), we have conducted impactful team building and training exercises internationally, (Australia and Malaysia.) Join us for an unparalleled training experience that transforms individuals and organizations alike.

Core Activities of this company are Sports Management, Corporate Training and Team building which is need based.

Team-building activities

Team Character (Hunter–Rabbit–Wall)

The insights gained from this game are how to handle uncertainties, swift decision making, follow your intuition, there is no communication reading the competitor mindset, and ensure no communication gap among team members to achieve the desired results. Guided group discussion – game debrief.

Team Structure Game (Baba–Baby-Ball)

The insights gained from this game are how to adapt to change, being flexible to play different roles, be agile and not to miss the available opportunities. Guided group discussion – game debrief.

Baton Pass Game:

The insights gained from this game are identifying where to focus, spot the weak links, and measures to correct the weak links. Its also reflect on collaboration, team rhythm, supporting each team member to achieve the desired results. Guided group discussion – game debrief.

Human Conveyor Belt Game

The insights gained from this game are how to have an intuitive understanding through proper planning and communication with your team members. Guided group discussion – game debrief.


Super Airways Game:

The insights gained from this game are the importance of planning and strategy, effective communication, attention to details, understanding the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Guided group discussion – game debrief.

Leaky Pipe

The insights gained from this game are how to use resources (both internal & external) effectively, developing your mindset / skill set so as to handle the challenges effectively and achieve your team goal. Guided group discussion – game debrief.


A thrilling and immersive team challenge. In this activation players are put in teams to uncover a hard boiling case. Every team member gets a special role to play, individual contribution of every player will commensurate team results. Teams are tested to not only solve the case the fastest but also the most accurately.


In the course of this activity, teams will face many internal and external challenges, forcing them to re think their initial approach, pivot midway and re strategize. The activity seems simple at the circumference although surely it opens the stage for an extensive debrief, based on the new behavioral learnings and the old biases people carry. 


The task is simple – to punch the numbers within a bounded space in ascending order and in the shortest possible time. Sounds simple but makes for a highly energetic and engaging experience!

Tarp Hole Game

The insights gained from this game are how to balance different tasks, plan, navigate and guide with the right approach, handle anxiety/pressure, align, manage and work effectively as a team. Guided group discussion – game debrief.


Your team armed with wrenches and enthusiasm will be engaged in a way they have never experienced before. They will not know the purpose and it will be a  complete surprise and reveled only towards the end. The finale could include some cute little souls walking into the room to receive probably their most memorable gift.


Afro Drum Circle, a legendary group in interactive drum sessions; is one of thefinest facilitators in India, chosen by clients worldwide. being an entertainmentfor all ages & events, it fits in picture-perfect for employee engagementprograms, team building exercises, corporate exhibitions, inductions, trainingprogram, team outings, promos, launches, birthday parties, weddings etc.

Harmony of the Harmonica

Embark on a musical odyssey with Afro Drum Circle’s Harmonica Sessions, Mectar, and Iding Ice. These transformative experiences offer a unique blend of harmonica melodies, rhythmic fusions, and the ethereal sounds of ice instruments. Dive into a world where music becomes a powerful vehicle for personal and collective transformation, promising an unforgettable journey through diverse sonic landscapes.


Discover the power of collaboration and teamwork- unlock your team’s potential with our expert guidance. Explore the art of working together harmoniously and
effectively with the power of Samba percussions. Strengthen your team’s bond by playing like a Brazilian Batucada band. Our beats will help you cultivate a cohesive productive environment along with the sound
of music.


Experience the vibrant impact of Boomwhackers as they inject an exhilarating burst of energy into corporate events, elevating enthusiasm and concentration levels for an unforgettable experience.


We have a wide range of expert facilitators or faculties spread across PAN India and the globe. All have received top ratings from our clients.

We have 20 main facilitators PAN India and many abroad. Our training and engagements abroad are in Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Columbia, etc.

corporate culture and leadership training activity

Transform your workplace ethos with our corporate culture training, fostering collaboration and innovation. Elevate leadership skills through dynamic training activities, shaping visionary leaders for sustained success.


Ignite conversations are high octane, motivational talks meant to re-ignite the
flames of Hope, Audacity and Resilience in your stakeholders. Even as each one of us chooses to be the change agents in our own lives, we simultaneously become the representative change agents in the lives of others as well, especially our co-workers.
These conversations are designed to prod people to take independent charge of
their current situations, even if unfavourable, cause a shift in their lives by repurposing themselves, to create something extraordinary. We call the above conversations ‘victory conversations, since they help people create allies. Through these conversations, Ashish Vidyarthi, a keynote motivational speaker, ignites people to take their lives altogether to another level.


The workshops are spread over 15 to 30 hours across multiple sessions, where each session is around 3 hours. Ashish Vidyarthi opens the workshop to set the tone and expectations. Our team of Senior Consultants conduct the subsequent sessions.
Ashish Vidyarthi concludes the workshop with some key takeaways and life lessons.
Each session is scheduled on a fixed day and time per week.
The entire workshop is highly interactive and may include role-plays, videos, & exercises.


How to continuously stay hungry enough to push your limits of success.
1. Resilience to adversity
2. Adaptable and accepts change
3. Assertive and emotional connect
4.Self-belief and committed to learning
5. Attitude and mindset of a winner – be a go-getter
6. Diversity and inclusion
7. Do the right things and things right
8. Guide others to rise to the next level
9. Relay race – creating the next level of champions


A Neuroscience-Powered Path to Excellence (Personal Effectiveness Program) is a comprehensive two-day initiative. Grounded in neuroscience-based principles, it empowers first-time managers with the skills and insights needed to lead with excellence. Elevate your leadership journey with this transformative program designed for lasting impact and professional growth.

Group Discussion Pre and post placement

Engage in impactful group discussions and enhance your pre and post-placement activities. Elevate your skills through dynamic discourse, ensuring a holistic approach to career readiness and success.

Bridge to Success: Campus to Corporate Program

Embark on a unique, immersive experiential program that transcends traditional training. From shifting mindsets, fostering collaboration, and instilling a continuous learning culture to embracing ownership and building connections across generations, our program covers it all. Dive into self-branding, master time management, and uncover the dos and don’ts of professionalism. Transformative insights await on this journey toward personal and professional excellence.


An incremental, sequential, integrated approach to behavioural
communication and development of personal & professional effectiveness
1. Understanding behavioural communication
2. Different aspects of communication
3. Building meaningful relationships
4. Nuances of positive communication that cause positive decision making
5. Adapt to the virtual selling reality
6. Strategy in place for a new digital-first world
7. Creating trust in a virtual world
8. Pre-connect preparedness
9. Understanding Executive Presence


All are experiencing trying times. Rise above them, treat them as
opportunities, revamp and refurbish, and create the desired impact.
1. Organisational and employee health
2. Maintain the human connect
3. Embracing technologies
4. Re-skilling and up-skilling
5. Communication in the new environment
6. Global diversity and inclusion
7. Adapting to excel
8. Assess the impact


Today, you have to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow, you have to be bette
than today. Be ingenious and stay ahead of competition.
1. Vision and foresight
2. Question the normal
3. Excellence and innovation
4. Put on your thinking cap
5. Derive the X-factor
6. Customer-oriented
7. Open to resistance
8. Foster an environment for action


Be an explorer to create and lead, and others will follow you.
1. The explorer mind-set
2. Prepare for the journey
3. Scan the environment
4. Take the plunge
5. Create and innovate
6. Adapt and adopt
7. Learning Logs’ to track experiences
8. Course correction
9. Create history

Communication Excellence: Mastering Effective Communication

Join our two-day program, ‘Communication Excellence,’ to elevate your communication skills from good to exceptional. Boost confidence, improve interpersonal communication, develop strong verbal/non-verbal skills, understand your communication style, enhance active listening, and master effective feedback strategies. The program, featuring interactive workshops and role-playing exercises, equips you with real-world communication solutions for both leadership and business success.


NSDC offers a diverse range of training programs, including financial literacy, basics of retail and banking, campus-to-corporate transitions, content creation, and delivery of various CSR training projects. Elevate your skills and knowledge with our comprehensive initiatives designed for personal and professional growth.

Sports training management

Training Masters International is a highly skilled ,professional sports Management Company which caters to both Corporate and individuals. 

It promotes sports,fitness,healthy body,mind etc through various programmes or workshops.
It’s trainers are available world wide and PAN India in convinient timings.
It’s brain child of Mr Victor who is in the field of event,Training and sports Management over a decade.

Why us?
Experienced and certified trainers, Location: World wide,Personal coaching ,guiding etc towards a holistic sports programmes, Excellent client feedback and results etc

Fitness Training, Sports Training, Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, Fitness centre Management etc, Sports and Fitness coaching and plans etc.



Experience an intensive self-defense program for ages 10 and above, focusing on advanced techniques with a tactical edge. In just a 2-day, 2-hour per day workshop, learn gun and knife defense, baton training, stick fighting, non-deadly and deadly force, multi-attacker strategies, pressure point manipulation, and more. Equip yourself to navigate today’s violent society confidently and effectively, empowering individuals, especially women, to defend their families.


Yoga Dance combines yoga and dance, seamlessly integrating fluid dance movements with mindful yoga postures. This dynamic fusion enhances physical strength, flexibility, and emotional well-being, creating a harmonious connection between body, mind, and spirit. Explore the joy of movement, breath, and self-expression in this unique and uplifting practice.

Chair Yoga, Eye Yoga & Facial Yoga

Chair yoga, a gentle practice, is done while sitting or standing with chair support. Learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation in a comfortable seated position.

Eye Yoga integrates fixed gazing meditation, cleansing, and relaxation techniques to cleanse, enhance concentration, strengthen the eyes, and stimulate the ājňāchakra.

Facial Yoga, a toning exercise, rejuvenates the face by reducing wrinkles, sagging, and expression marks through targeted exercises on facial muscles.

Capoeira & kalaripayattu workshop

Kalaripayattu and Capoeira are distinct martial arts with unique origins and characteristics. Kalaripayattu, originating in Kerala, India, is one of the world’s oldest martial arts, known for its diverse techniques and spiritual elements. In contrast, Capoeira, born in Brazil, blends acrobatics, dance, and music, carrying cultural significance in Afro-Brazilian heritage and resistance. Both arts share a focus on fluid movements but differ significantly in their historical roots and cultural contexts.

Sound Meditation

Guide Meditation classes including sound meditation with the Tibetian Singing Bowls is offer periodically.
A relaxing and rejuvenating
experience leading to improved productivity.
The soothing vibrations of the
Tibetian Singing Bowls, making a sweet melody to completely relax and refresh you while putting at rest
all the anxiety as you surrender to the magic of melody. Tranquility & a deep meditative state to experience the Zen within Get ready to be entralled & experience the transformational power of sound and vibrations of
the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

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Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and other top Companies around the world. To name but a few(Infosys,Accenture,Google,Amazon,Cadence,HP ,IBM,Abott ,Microsoft to Dr Reddys, Cadella etc) we have engaged & trained many clients.

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From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – all of our 5,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends